Wield The Power Of Video Marketing For Your Business

Fast and effective 

Video Marketing has made a lot of people very popular, and also very rich. As important as words are, visual marketing always attracts a lot more attention. Unfortunately, not everyone likes to read, but everyone likes to watch a video that explains things to them. It is a much easier and faster way to reach out to everyone, and is also very easy to share. By 2015, online video views are predicated to increase to 1.5 billion viewers. There is no better time than now to make the most of video marketing.

Be extravagant

Creating a video is a fun process and can be done in a number of ways. The easiest thing to make is a slideshow. Although not very interactive, it is a quick way to show images of products or quotations related to your website. All it takes is some nice music in the background and people will already love it more than a long marketing talk. An even nicer thing would be to createa video of footage related to your business. However, the best method to attract people through video marketing would be to actually film yourself promoting your website or product. People love watching others on video, and this also brings you as close as possible to your audience. But not everyone wishes for their face to be shown to thousands of people, which is also ok.

Fresh young audience

The majority of audience members influenced by video marketing are young people aged 13 – 28 years. They spend the most time online according to research studies, and they are also the most likely visitors that you can attract. So if you are trying to create a video for them, make sure that it is fun and colourful and that will make them watch it to the very end. If people are not watching your entire video, then you will need to rethink your filming and editing strategy and make it more interesting. It takes time to learn how to make the best video, but it is also something that is done through trial and error before you reach your perfect video strategy. Videos do not bring money to businesses through clicks. Their purpose is to advertise a business is the most creative way currently possible. These videos work best if there are posted to popular video sharing websites that have millions of daily viewers. They can also easily be shared through other social media websites and even through emails. They are also easy for search engines to find through keywords, because despite of the topic of your video, there are still less of them than web pages to look through.

The requirements

It does not take much to create a video. As long as you have video camera and some sort of editing program you are good to go.

Although some businesses spend a lot of money to make their videos look more professionals, videos that look homemade and personal are more likely to make people stay and watch them. The topic of the video can be about anything, as long as your viewers can see that you have made the effort to make it on your own, they will appreciate it.

Get inspired… or seek experience

If you feel that you need a little bit of support before you make your own solo videos, you can always ask someone with more experience to share the spotlight with you. Many bloggers and website owners team up with others for visual exposure because it is easier and also because you can combine your current number of visitors with someone else’. This is a great and easy way to get a larger audience, and hope that your partner’s audience will also become your own at some point.

Easy To Implement SEO Strategies To Increase Traffic

The art of growing your site traffic can be somewhat difficult to master, and the thought of it alone can be particularly daunting.

There are literally hundreds of strategies out there you can try, but my guess is you don’t have a lot of time to scour through sites and blogs for days on end.

The best way to increase traffic to your site is to use easy to implement SEO strategies, like adding more web pages, for example. Let’s take a deeper look at what you can do to achieve a higher number of website traffic:

More Web Pages

Adding more web pages to your site means in theory you’ll get more traffic, because the pages will trigger more search terms and you’ll be visible for more search queries. Each page you add should be unique, relevant and high quality in order for it to be effective.

High Quality Content

High quality content is an essential SEO strategy if you want to get more traffic to your site. However, research suggests that the pages that commonly rank on page one of Google aren’t only high quality, but have a high word count too – approximately 2000 words or more. This means you must focus on producing high quality, in depth content that will still be readable years from now.

A Consistent Writing Schedule

Quantity isn’t the goal here; quality is, as mentioned before. However, it will benefit you to set up a consistent writing schedule and stick to it. The more your practice writing great posts, the better you’ll get at it.

Don’t worry about what you write at first either; as the saying goes, ‘write drunk, edit sober’. This allows you to get all of your thoughts down on the page and then go back and make it perfect later on. If you can commit to writing just 2 posts per week, that will be a great help in increasing your traffic!

Guest Blogging

Don’t think that the only way to get more traffic is to write quality content for your own sites – try guest blogging on the most authority sites you can muster to gain even more fans/followers/sharers. If you can network with bloggers relevant in your industry and get the chance to write a guest blog for them, you’ll be exposed to all of their traffic. The other blogger may even write a post for your site, which can benefit you both!

Commenting on Blog Posts

Commenting on blog posts with something useful, e.g a solution to a problem or another insight into the subject, can help you to become more well known and get you more clicks. Many people post generic comments or similar comments on lots of blog posts, but it’s much more effective to write a targeted comment mentioning something specific about the post.

More Targeted Keyword Research

Keywords are extremely valuable when it comes to SEO and getting more traffic, so you need to work out how relevant your web pages are to a user searching for those keywords. Although somebody selling shoes might want to use the more generic term ‘shoes’, it’s very competitive, expensive, and won’t be the best option for increasing your traffic. Instead, you need to make your keywords more targeted, for example; ‘cheap womens shoes’ or ‘handmade leather shoes’.

A Responsive Web Design

A responsive web design will increase your traffic vastly; there’s no doubt about it. More people are opting to use mobiles and tablets over desktops nowadays, so of course it makes sense to ensure your visitors are going to be able to view your site and have a great experience while there, no matter what device they come in on.

Unique Infographic Designs

Infographics are an effective form of content marketing, but to bring them into the 21st century you need to make sure that you have a truly unique design that’s amazing to look at. Although a regular infographic will help you to get more traffic and backlinks, one with an outstanding design will increase them so much more. Get creative with your designs; why not see if you can make the graphics move? You could even have a designer create an attractive 3D infographic, which is worth it even if it is pricy!

Fast Loading Times

The speed your website loads can have a serious effect on your rankings. Google actually found that when they listed slow sites toward the top of the listing pages, people had a poor user experience and decreased their use of Google as a result! Just a tenth of a second can matter in this situation, as Amazon found out when they lost 1% of their revenue after their site slowed down – image how much that is for a billion dollar company?

Create Social Media Accounts

If you haven’t already got social media accounts on some of the most popular platforms, you’re missing out. On Facebook and Twitter, there are approximately 1.3 billion users – imagine the amount of people that could be sharing your posts/liking your page/interacting with you! There are also platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

The best thing to do is work out where your target audience are most likely to be, and focus on those platforms. Post content regularly like you would your blog, and try to interact with your audience as much as possible by asking questions and replying to comments in a timely manner.

Remember, social media shouldn’t just be considered another way to promote yourself, it should be a place people can get to know your brand and interact with you, keeping you in the forefront of their minds by default. You can do things like host a question and answer session on Twitter, and run competitions for likes and shares on Facebook.

Don’t forget to include social media integration on your website either! The above strategies will help you to see a notable increase in your traffic providing you’re consistent and focus on quality. A great user experience will always keep visitors coming back for more!

Content Marketing Ideas in less than 3 minutes

Three ways of coming up with fantastic content ideas in three minutes

For further clarification we’ve outlined the steps below so you get a really good grasp of the processes which will help you to come up with a solid content marketing plan.

Content marketing it’s not hard- ideas are hard

Most small businesses in the UK are now familiar with the concept of “content marketing” but not necessarily the term. In a nutshell, it’s just writing interesting and helpful stuff about your business that you think your potential customers will want to read. When we looked around the Internet for articles that were aimed at helping you with your content marketing, we found it was full of content aimed at the US and also generally quite large companies. So for the purposes of this article I have specifically aimed it at helping you as a UK-based small business (in this case a physiotherapy practice.)

Everything is interesting-when it needs to be

When we talk to our clients about content marketing (or even blogging), often the first reaction is “who wants to know what I had for lunch last week?”

It’s true nobody is interested in inane content, or technical explanations about what could be seen as your boring products or services………. Until they are.. An explanation of how a Samsung OLED TV compares to a Sony Experia 45 inch OLED TV on somebody’s hi-fi website blog is extremely boring when you’re not buying a TV but extremely helpful when you are.

Suggestion marketing (no not that kind)

I often find myself struggling for fresh content ideas relevant to our business and helpful to our readers, perhaps you want to provide useful answers to common customer issues in your industry but don’t know where to start? It doesn’t matter what you are trying to create, with a little bit of lateral thinking you can come up with hundreds of content ideas in a seriously short period of time. In fact it’s laughably easy because there are websites that will do all the work for you (including Google)

All you have to do is type _s  l  o w  l  y_ and suggestions come out.

So as I mentioned before, let’s imagine we are a fictitious physiotherapy practice and see how you get on. In fact, trying to come up with industry related (and interesting) ideas on your own for this sector is pretty challenging. But for any business if you follow these three steps you’ll be ready to go in minutes.

Google autocomplete

Perhaps the most obvious of the three, you have definitely seen this in action, and it has certainly affected your decision to visit one page over another at some point. For want of a better term this is a way of Google trying to be “helpful”… as you type.

Google autocomplete throws a range of popular options when you start to type, the results  shown are not strictly based just on search volume but are actually a reflection of other users search activity, or the content of the webpages they visit.

In other words, in language that I can understand, the results are calculated both by search volume and suitability of the page it wants to show you.

It’s a powerful source of really easy research and a really quick way of getting a guide to how often Google users have typed in a key search term. As you can see from the example below it throws up plenty of suggestions so quickly.

Click to Enlarge (or go to full video at the TOP)

If you’re looking for quick blog ideas it can keep you going for ages, and is definitely my starting point when I’m feeling a bit uninspired.   Remember, it is showing you keywords and phrases that get searched for a lot, so even if youdon’t think the subject matter is interesting quite a few people do.

German efficiency but not German 

Ubersuggest is one of the best suggestion generators around and really easy to use. You can spend 30 seconds and end up with mountains of ideas.   All you have to do is enter your main keyword idea, select your location and you end up with tons of different great suggestions which can lead to excellent blog ideas. It is unbelievably quick and provides great results.

Click to Enlarge (or go to full video at the TOP)

Basically what it does is it mimics Google autocomplete but then adds every letter of the alphabet to the end and scrapes those results as well!   Then all you have to do is press the green “plus” symbol and they are added to a list for you to keep.

Complete distillation. 

So starting from a really broad suggestion you can rapidly harvest loads of different variations for your subject, sometimes it can throw strange anomalies which can set you thinking on a different path but often this can lead to pure content gold.

Click to Enlarge (or go to full video at the TOP)

Last but by no means least 

Keywordtool.io at first glance looks more difficult than the others, but its principal is exactly the same.   Once again it “piggy backs” on Google Autocomplete in exactly the same way Ubersuggest does and also works through the entire alphabet and numeric characters, but it adds them to both the front and the back of your chosen key phrase. This provides a much deeper insight and the chance of some excellent angles very quickly.

Click to Enlarge (or go to full video at the TOP)

Don’t forget to work your way down through the whole sheet looking for keywords that you feel, suit you and your writing style the most.

Click to Enlarge (or go to full video at the TOP)

After that, you have the choice of copying them all, or just a few of the ones that suit. you the most.

Click to Enlarge (or go to full video ate the TOP)

By now you should have plenty to work through, but how do you know which ones are the most popular? Or the easiest to get traffic from?

Traffic (and not a jam in sight) 

There are many places you can go to get a good idea of keyword traffic, the easiest by far is the Google keyword planner-and it’s free. Putting a few of your keywords in at a time will give you the real idea of how many searches there are every month, and also how competitive the the word is.

The real diamond in the rough that you are looking for is a keyword that has a decent amount of searches, looks helpful in its intent and has a lower competition factor.

What you have now got is a pile of ideas for helpful content that people actually want to read, and your content marketing plan is sorted for the year.   For any questions about this article, or even just for some free advice-give us a call, we won’t Blank_ you.