Difference Between Traditional Art and Digital Art

Difference Between Traditional Art and Digital Art

What is the difference between traditional art and digital art?

Well traditional artists are earliest form art it involves real tangible materials like paints pencils charcoal canvas and paper.
it’s basically anything that’s real and physical that you use to create artwork.  You use all these materials along with your skill and imagination and knowledge as an artist to create things.

Digital art or digital painting requires a computer a tablet or mouse and the artwork is all digital. Meaning all of the artists created while looking at a monitor or a screen rather than paper or canvas. You decide every brush stroke every color placement down to the last pixel and you are behind every decision that goes into the drawing. It’s not the computer making the art it’s still you it’s just pixels rather than paint.

drawing digital art vs traditional

You can go between the two mediums as well because you can scan traditional art using a scanner and it will show up on your computer as a digital file and this way you can send it to people, and you can edit it just to clean it up and everything. You can make prints of digital art in order to turning into something real and physical and this is a really cool feeling printing off your digital art and having prints of it is just there’s nothing like that just seeing what you’ve been looking at on a monitor finally like come to life is really really cool.

And you can also combine them you can you can take a picture of something traditional that you’ve painted add a little bit of painting digitally and it’s a mixture the best of both worlds. Both of these mediums are different but they both require a high speaker level to achieve good results you have to be a good artist to create good art that’s just how it works it doesn’t matter what medium you use. It is your skills and artists and your preferences on what material you want to use. One isn’t better than the other and they both definitely have their differences and their pros and their cons. You can find more on this on this Digital Painting Podcast

So for constructing drawings like sketching and the planning process I would say that digital art is probably easier for this and it’s more difficult for traditional artists to construct drawings and this is why so it’s definitely easier to construct a drawing in digital art because you have more control. Which is also why I like the undo command. So basically if you make a brushstroke and you don’t like the way it looks you just press Ctrl Z and it disappears! You have selection tools you can flip the drawings, rotate pieces, erase an infinite number of times without your paper completely dissolving.

As for traditional art if you want to move something 2 inches over you have to erase the entire thing that you just drew and draw it again. In the place you want it so it’s definitely more efficient to create an idea digitally than traditionally and actually I know a lot of traditional artists will kind of put together their idea in Adobe Photoshop and then use that as a reference when they paint it. Traditionally and I think that’s a really great method because you save a lot of time now for the actual painting process like shading coloring everything like that.