PPC Experts

At Blank, we can help you.

  • If you have an e-commerce website and you want to maximise your sales
  • If you want to generate more targeted leads for your business
  • If you are not happy with your current PPC/Adwords management company

With over 20 years of digital marketing experience, we are a PPC management provider that will deliver results for your business.

We will:

  • Generate leads cost effectively
  • Minimise your cost per click
  • Get you more clicks for less money
  • Minimise your CPA (cost per acquisition)
  • Maximise your sales volume
  • Consistently outperform other agencies

Many PPC management providers are simply not up to the job, and clients who attempt to manage the complicated world of Google Adwords themselves can often waste a lot of money. Our paid search experts will take all the pain away while increasing your return on investment dramatically making the most of every opportunity in the marketplace.


Core Services – at a Glance

PPC Audit

The paid search landscape changes often and quickly. Any new campaign must begin with a comprehensive account audit. We study every aspect of your history from the conversion rate and click through rate of your current keywords to your overall quality score. This helps us establish where improvements can be made at the campaign, add group and even add copy level.

Keyword Research

The absolute cornerstone of any search marketing, we establish how your prospective customers think, what questions they ask Google and ensure you pay as little as possible for the most convergence. We establish customer intent along with a process for delivering better targeted and qualified leads for a lower spend.

Creative Advert Formulation

Getting in front of a targeted audience is only half the battle. Your success depends on appealing to them and making them engage with you. The sophisticated in-house team creates engaging ads with tactical calls to action providing you with a higher click through and conversion rate.