Responsive Web Design

Blank Mobile

Adaptive layouts for all viewing environments.

Responsive design is a website that can be viewed on any size of a screen from a small smartphone all the way up to a large iMac and still look good.

In the last 12 months, we have seen mobile usage of most of our client’s websites quadruple and the people who have not adjusted and adapted to the times are now experiencing increased customer loss before conversion.

Responsive web design not only makes sure your customers convert more often, it ensures that you keep your valued Google position as it is a key signal for search engine optimization. Visitors using a mobile device convert more often, convert faster and spend more.

Not having a website optimized for mobile technology is like not having a website at all.

Here at Blank we now have to think ahead for your business, ensuring that any precious user interaction is not wasted. Strategically build your customer journey and sales funnel so it increases conversions and overall profit.