Twitter Advertising San Diego

Tweeting Blanks_

Twitter never seems to rule anything out. They have experimented with text ads, banner ads, and of course, promoted tweets and trends.

Twitter’s strengths are about “now”. Using sophisticated techniques we enable our customers to get their message out instantaneously and on-topic while piggybacking on the latest Twitter news to get the most mileage and return on investment.

Core Services – at a Glance

Promoted trends

People use Twitter to discover what’s happening right now and many users glance at Twitter’s homepage a few times a day to see what’s actually trending. Promoted trends take advantage of this phenomenon by giving your company a premium position on that page.

We ensure that these are on-target messages, contextual and stimulate action from your potential clients wherever they are.

Promoted tweets

Promoted tweets yield much higher engagement figures than standard online advertising. Compared to banners they are phenomenal. Promoted tweets can yield engagement of between 3% and 10%. Volkswagen managed  52% engagement for its new Beetle launch. Perfect for product launches, company news or associating with large seasonal events such as the Olympics, the World Cup or even something like Glastonbury.